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Hannah RashidiSolutions Specialist, BT.
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Working with Tom has probably been the most effective thing that I’ve done for my identity to date. Tom’s guidance and lines of questioning have allowed myself to recognise and articulate things about myself that I hadn’t noticed (or more realistically, was scared of noticing), but are actually integral to why my life is the way it is. I’m a pretty black-and-white thinker, but at the same time tend to express myself in abstract ways. Tom has been able to work with that to guide me through tangible examples and solutions that have allowed me to introspect about my way of thinking, all the whilst being a very keen, active listener. Even moreso, Tom’s patience and reflective questioning puts me in a position where I have to justify a realistic goal in order to work with all of my realisations. I leave our sessions knowing that I’m going to do something, and I do. This is a bit corny, but Tom’s coaching has made me realise that “the answers were inside of me all along” - which I think is an example of spot-on coaching.
Fiona HamiltonEntrepreneur and Business Owner.
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Working with Tom was pivotal for my leadership development journey. My business and team were growing rapidly, placing new demands on my leadership skillset. Together we identified the key focus areas for my development and created a personalised action plan to strengthen them. Tom’s style is supportive but effective at generating the right level of challenge, this helped to invoke important realisations on my part. I am now extremely confident I have the skills to lead my business through its next growth phase and beyond. I would highly recommend working with Tom if you are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level.
Azam CullasyCorporate & Investment Banker.
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As an aspiring senior leader within the financial services sector, I was looking for an Executive Coach who could help accelerate my development journey. I decided to partner with Tom given his expertise as a coach and his experience as a senior leader. Through our work together, I have shaped my development in a way that best positions me for future success and gives me the confidence to maximise my potential. If you are looking to do the same, I would highly recommend working with Tom.
Debbie BeadleCEO, Cardiff Women’s Aid
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I was not sure what to expect when I first signed up for coaching. When I was first met with Tom, I had initial reservations about whether he would be able to relate to my leadership of a feminist organisation as he is not from this sector. Tom immediately put me at ease and we had an honest conversation about what coaching is and how the process would work. I am very happy that I decided to continue as Tom has been great. His calming, inclusive approach and style has enabled me to work through some difficult challenges this year through reflection, exploring options and coming up with a plan. After a session with Tom, I have definitely been able to walk into some difficult meetings with more confidence and clarity. Thank you, Tom.
Jennifer MolloyDiversity & Inclusion Professional, BT
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Throughout my sessions with Tom, he actively listened and was able to draw out conclusions from my experiences that I had missed or discredited. This has had a positive impact on my confidence and has helped me to view my experiences in a much more constructive way. He helped me to develop a toolkit, which is personal to me, that has given me more structure to my approach and has already helped me to feel more productive and confident when meeting with my stakeholder. Thanks for all the input and for challenging me.
Jonathan PaulingCEO, Alexandra Rose
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As a CEO, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to put into your own professional development. For many years I had heard about the benefits of coaching and thought I would like to give it a go. When I finally took the step to seek one out, I was lucky to be introduced to Tom. His approach to coaching is relaxed and open. He is focused on what you want to get out of it, but he also creates the space for you to explore what you might need to get out of it. He helped me realise what I was doing right and the steps I needed to take to do things better. It’s been an enjoyable process full of insights and conformations. It’s helped me understand my own approach to leadership and given me a firmer footing in the role.
Joe McDermottDirector, Harvard
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Working with Tom has been a hugely valuable and enriching experience. I came to coaching sceptically, with very little understanding of what it could offer – within a single session this changed. Our time together has helped me identify my professional values, to re-examine my own experiences, and – most interestingly – to better understand myself. Through our sessions Tom has been a brilliant guide in helping me answer my own questions, uncovering the things that really matter to me in my working life and allowing me the space and time to think deeply about where I am now, and where I want to go.

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