How to find the right Executive Coach for you…

Tomas Mason January 11, 2023

How to find the right Executive Coach for you

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Selecting the right Executive Coach can be a daunting experience and may raise more questions than answers. To help with your hunt, I’ve outlined some key areas to consider when thinking about how to find the right Executive Coach for you…

What qualifications to look out for

Coaches are not legally required to hold a license to operate and coaching is seen a self-regulating industry. For many years there were no real qualifications to obtain, however, today the coaching world is evolving at quite a fast pace. Many coaches now possess recognised qualifications and are aligned to one of the internationally recognised professional bodies such as the ICF or EMCC. Members will subscribe to the ethical standards of their chosen body and risk being reprimanded should they breach them. A qualified coach aligned to one of these bodies should give you reassurance in the quality of their coaching and importance they place on their own development.

Is their experience important?

Coaches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with their experience being no exception. Some may have come from the corporate world whilst others may have enjoyed completely different career journeys entirely. Deciding whether you value the importance of their historical career experience is something to consider. Would you prefer to have someone who has been in your shoes and understands the terminology used in your field or perhaps you might prefer someone is completely independent from your employer and/or industry?

Understand what the coach specialises in

To maximise their impact, many coaches will focus on a particular type of client and will usually talk about this on their website. Specialisms can be wide ranging so it’s worth understanding what you are looking to focus on and achieve? For example, are you a CEO looking for someone who works solely with CEOs?; or are you looking for someone who can help with a transition to a different career path? or are you looking for someone who can help you develop your skills and trajectory?

Remember to check out their testimonials

Due diligence is an important part of any important decision so take your time researching a coach. Many will share testimonials on their website or LinkedIn so you will be able to review the impact they’ve had on their clients. An established coach will have worked with a wide range of clients so you will be able to assess does their experience match what you are looking for.

Do you have the right chemistry?

One of the most important factors when deciding on your coach is the chemistry between you. Do you feel comfortable talking and sharing to this person? The only sure way to know this is to arrange an introductory call and see how it goes. Be prepared to take your time when considering the chemistry and ensure you meet with a range of coaches so you can compare.

In conclusion, consideration of these key areas will help when thinking about how to find the right Executive Coach for you. In additional it will ensure you achieve the outcome you are looking for from the coaching experience. Good luck!

About the author

Tomas Mason is an experienced Executive Coach specialising in leadership development. He trained with Henley Business School and is accredited by the EMCC. Prior to coaching Tom was a senior leader in the financial services sector.

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