Executive Coaching For Organisations

I will partner with your talented leaders and support their transition to great leaders.

The Why

  • Investing in the development of your leaders will deliver tangible performance returns for your organisation and ensure you retain top talent.
  • Will allow you to develop your leaders in line with your organisational culture and values.
  • Coaching will ensure your leaders become self-aware and adopt an inclusive approach within their leadership style.

The What

  • Your leaders will be partnering with someone who has extensive experience and now specialises in the coaching of developing leaders.
  • My approach is to partner with your leaders to develop their effectiveness, self-awareness and confidence.
  • The overarching goal will always be to unlock their potential in order that they become more effective leaders. This will then translate into a tangible performance outcome for your organisation.

The How

  • Through the creation of a bespoke Leadership Coaching Programme for your organisation, incorporating your performance goals and core values.
  • Delivered through a specified number of 2 hour monthly coaching 1:1 sessions – recommended over 6 months.
  • Monthly accountability check-in calls to review the leader’s progress.
  • Final Development Review designed to determine a leader’s progress and return on investment.

My Fees

Pricing for bespoke programmes are available upon request.
Executive coaching for organisations by tomas mason